Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Quilters World at Fairholme

What a great morning we had at Fairholme yesterday - it was fun and informative.  We learned a lot.

Pauline and Rob Rogers, of Quilters World (a Queensland based company, not the US magazine) visited with their mobile shop, and Pauline spent 2 1/2 hours demonstrating the tools she uses in her own quilts, and that they sell, as they travel Australia-wide with their business.  Remarkably, Pauline advocated for only a few tools - but those she chose do the best job (after extensive testing of multiple brands), give excellent results, have more than one use, save time, money, effort and the environment.

She took us through tips on transferring designs, applique (needle-turn, blanket stitch, raw-edge); her quilt-as-you-go method, a thousand ways that bias tape makers can be used to do other things, free motion machine quilting, and much more. Attention to the chemical make-up of products from marking pens to glues is not just about the protecting the environment, but promoting the longevity of the quilts we make. Money saving tips were popular too, of course.  Very thoughful.

You could see light-bulb moments happening all around the room, and if there had been a thought bubble, it would have said "why did I not know/think of that?"

It would be hard to choose just one 'best' tool, but we did notice that the stock of Clover Mesh Transfer Canvas depleted quickly after we saw its multiple uses, and how to get get the very best use out of it.

A little shopping may have happened during the break, and afterwards, but there was definitely no 'hard-sell'.

If your quilting group is looking for an engaging speaker who will have you thinking about things you can do to improve your quilting right away, we recommend Pauline see the Quilters World website for enquiries and how to make a booking.

Quilters World will be at the Mad Quilters Gathering in Penrith in early August.

There is so much available through the website, you just have to go there to see!

Thanks Georgie for organising such a great morning, and for the fabulous morning tea that came with it.

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