Monday, August 20, 2012

Fairholme Quilters Exhibition 2012 (11): Asian influences

I love the patterns created by stitching and folding fabric Shibori style. Indigo dye is used in these fabrics
from China. The dye still makes my hands blue though washed many times! The lighter blue fabrics are my
own, the result of indigo dyeing workshops. This simple lap quilt pattern by Julie Wallace allows the
designs to show.
The backing is a surprise. Fabric purchased in Nigeria by my daughter, makes this a double sided quilt!
Machine quilted by Thimblelady, Thornleigh.
Margaret Weir

The tessellating ‘T’ block is traditional – they reminded me of simply drawn kimonos, so I chose to  hand-piece them using Japanese fabrics, without using a pattern. Sashing and borders were added and quilted by machine. The blocks are hand-quilted. This quilt is put to constant use, and generally lives on the back of our living room sofa, for which it is a good size.
Jill O’Connor

This quilt was commenced during a workshop presented by Yoko Okamato in February 2010. The
workshop at Quilters Barn, Lock Victoria, was conducted in conjunction with their annual quilt hanging.
During the workshop we learned how to use hand appliquéd bias strips to make the arcs in a traditional
wedding ring pattern – a technique requiring an understanding of geometry and made more difficult because
written instructions were in Japanese and the presenter worked through an interpreter. Workshop
participants shared interpretations of illustrations and applied intuitive ‘guesswork’ to successfully complete
their quilts.
Hand appliquéd, machine pieced and machine quilted.
Elaine Walton

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