Sunday, October 7, 2012

Grandmother's Choice: the latest block-of-the-week blog from Barbara Brackman

If you are interested in women's history and in quilting, you might already be aware of Barbara Brackman's latest block of the week project, Grandmother's Choice, with the sixth block (of a planned 49) posted this weekend.

As a historian, Barbara Brackman provides detailed background reading and images giving the context of the various aspects of women's rights and history that the quilt acknowledges and celebrates.

The blog is substantial, offering great support to anyone taking part, with detailed suggestions about fabrics, setting, yardage for completing the quilt, linkage to a flickr group for participants, FAQs, in addition to the historical material (including a reading list).

A project to engage your interest for a whole year (unless you are very quick to finish it after the 49th block!), or more.

Grandmother's Choice follows the highly successful  Civil War Quilts block-of-the-week run in 2011, that will result in a book 'late in 2012' (the blog is still accessible until the end of this year).

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