Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Quilt@ the Winter School 2013: Ballarat

Fibre Arts Australia is hosting a 5 day Winter School in July 2013 in Ballarat, Victoria.  The event offers an impressive list of tutors, and the opportunity to work with the tutor of your choice for 5 days:

This new event is designed for the 'traditional' quiltmaker, or other quiltmaker, who would like to push her abilities a bit further than where they are now.

A unique 5 day event, where you work with ONE tutor for those 5 days, gives you the chance to really get motivated in what you are creating.

This is the chance to meet with like minded people, work until you drop, with workshops open from 7.30am to 9pm everyday, to hear how the tutors work in their 'art practice' and to meet people from all over the world!

The website gives all details, and an assurance that the venue will be warm!

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