Thursday, December 6, 2012

End-of-year challenges ... progress

It has become our custom at Fairholme to set ourselves a challenge in the last few weeks of the year, knowing that we will have a few weeks break over summer (when they can be finished off, if necessary!).

This year, the morning group made 20 more Blankets of Love - pictures will be posted when they are photographed - for donation to the program in the new year.

The evening group tackled a fabric challenge.  We each provided a fat quarter  and an instruction for what shape it should be used to create, in a brown paper bag, so that they could be drawn at random.  The challenge item was limited to a maximum of 24" square. Here is how far we had progressed by the evening of our Christmas dinner party:

Louise's challenge fabric was the light blue tone-on-tone. She paired it with rich reds and golds and included many small half-square triangles in her design. She is not sure how big it will finally be ...

Jill's challenge fabric was the red print. The circles that were stipulated emerged as representations of life  in an abstract pond.

Lynette decided to change her mind at the last minute, and deconstructed  temporarily ... the challenge fabric is the green print, from which it was suggested she might like to make circles or spirals. She has cleverly done both, and plans more ...

Pam found herself with green challenge fabric, an instruction to include a triangle or two, and a need for a quilted iPad cover.  This is the front opening ...

... the reverse ...

... and the business end, compete with stitched stylus pocket, and iPad!
Noelle took her dark print and 'wedge' requirement along to her class with Chris Jurd, and constructed  a complex beauty using foundation piecing. We know it will grow into something even more gorgeous.

Helen's light green/pink print challenge fabric is in the border and applique, but she was told to make triangles, so they are there too (and on the reverse, but the photo seems to have escaped).  The embellishment will continue ...

Elaine's challenge fabric is the light value print in her eight-pointed star, giving her the challenge diamonds she needed  ... she is auditioning pink/green/cream fabrics for the quilt's future progress, when she will have time to think and sew (she hopes!), while on long-service leave next year.

We all agreed that the combination of someone else choosing a fabric, specifying a shape and then working within a size constraint was a worthwhile and fun challenge ... mostly!

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