Saturday, November 23, 2013

Serendipity Circles progress ... almost done!

One set of Serendipity Circles * blocks remains to be put together (it's in progress), that will make a total of 8 quilts donated to the community collection. Most of the fabrics came from the community stash, which proved to be an excellent strategy for both the workshop and for the community quilts project. 

Margaret used her much appreciated colour and design skills to layout this collection of blocks made by various people in our Serendipity Circles workshop, which were then sewn together and quilted by Georgie. Pam hand-sewed the binding. 
Georgie made several of these blocks at the workshop, added some made by others, made the smaller circles to  fit the spaces, then quilted and bound the resulting top. This is the third Serendipity Circles quilt that Georgie has completed ... she thinks she will move onto something else for a while, but she is still interested in exploring curved piecing possibilities, techniques and designs.
Roslyn's Serendipity Circles grew more complex and painterly, with up to four rings, incorporating some of her own stash fabrics.  She 'sized it up' with fabrics selected from the community stash and has donated it as community quilt.

Elaine W took on the task of wrangling this collection of blocks from the workshop  into a cohesive quilt - it looks great!  Those vibrant colours and the bold design will appeal to an older child or teen.

These three have been posted on the blog earlier:

* Serendipity Circles is a workshop offered by Brenda Gael Smith, at Serendipity Patchwork and Quilting

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