Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The story of ... ‘an army blanket thing in the cupboard’ ...

A lovely story of quilt having served its purpose in war, eventually returning 'home' because it fell into the hands that could get it there.  Click through the six photos via the links underneath the first one:

First World War quilt returns … almost 100 years later
Ted Brown, Independent Free Press (Canada)
7th November 2013

The year was 1915.

Like the rest of the British Commonwealth, Canada was at war, as countless soldiers were shipped overseas to fight the enemy on the trenched battlefields of Europe.

Back home in Georgetown, various groups were thinking of ways to support those who had signed up and marched off to that faraway war in Europe.

The Georgetown Women’s Institute (WI) decided to create a quilt for those soldiers who had been wounded and were recuperating in hospital in England.

The quilters would never have guessed that nearly 100 years later their labour of love would find its way home ...
read the whole story and see the photos here.

(Thanks to Judy B for posting the link to the Southern Cross Quilters Yahoo Group)

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