Friday, August 22, 2014

Community quilts sewing day, August ... phew!

We had an excellent roll-up of quilters at our monthly community sewing day yesterday, and a highly productive day, as we tackled several projects.  It was definitely a bright and beautiful fabric day, and we had a lot of fun:

This work-in-progress was donated by Jo many months ago,
at an advanced stage of completion (look at all that foundation
 piecing), but still requiring lots of curved seams ...
Georgie took it on and finished off the block construction
at home, and today. Next month we will join the blocks and
maybe advance to some borders. It will be a knock-out!
Helen made this economy-block-with-a-twist quilt from
community stash fabric and several from her own 
Dawn quilted it and Helen finished off the binding ...
... but Helen still had bright scraps, so she made more blocks,
sashed them with black and white geometric prints, and added
a piano key border.  Today we pin-basted it, and it will return
soon for binding.
Lynette made excellent progress on quilting her latest chevron 
quilt, made from a collection of 5" squares, sewn into half-square
triangles with a solid white pair. We will have a better look 
at it 
next month when it will probably be bound, labelled and ready
 to hand over.
Georgie has been working on this ray of sunshine - a donated
panel married happily with a gorgeous yellow print and blue and
white spotted accents from the community stash. Barbara 

finished off the binding. Just beautiful - everyone who has seen 
it just loves its freshness and light.
We even built ourselves a successful portable, collapsible
design wall - we used timber battens, brass fixings, venetian
blind cord, several metres of batting and a large bulldog clip.
We had a plan, a tape measure and a very nifty little tool
kit from the boot of Elaine B's car. There might have been
some laughter too. It's a prototype, right?
And you might not believe it, but those blocks on the right
are all the same size and are all square - the Salvador Dali
effect is an artefact!
It's quite possible that Roslyn, Elaine W and Miriam had the
most fun (although they worked really hard too), preparing
these end-of-year challenge kits, refined the plan, 

and sewed test-blocks. The fabrics are from a generous
 donation from a quilter (who can no longer sew for 
health reasons), via Robyn Evans at Patchwork on Pittwater. 
We thank you both for your generosity, and for thinking of us. 
We added a few coordinating fabrics from our community 
stash. Distribution to members will start next week, and 
all will be revealed in the New Year.
Dawn sewed more disappearing four-patch blocks (she is aiming for 25, and is nearly there), and added borders to a very sweet little blanket of love.  Pam took home a quilt Elaine W made, to finish the binding by hand.  Susan, Elaine B, Pam and Margaret  made backings, pressed and pin-basted at least four quilts (or was it five?). So yes, it was a highly productive day - thank you all.

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