Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sew-vivor - reality TV meets quilting

Are you a fan of reality Tv that involves a competition/elimination element, such as Master Chef, The Block or Survivor?

Then you might enjoy following along (perhaps even sewing along) with Sew-vivor, season 3: quilters' edition. 16 selected quilters are competing, having made it through an audition process, with their entries posted online for voting and judging.

The Australian connection: two of the 16 starters are Australian quilters, Gnome Angel, and Two Little Aussie Birds, (profiles here) and  well known award winning Australian quilter/teacher/designer/writer Sarah Fielke is one of five judges.

Contestants' entries for the first challenge, with the theme 'nautical' have been posted and are open for voting. Voting for challenge one closes on 13th August (US time), so check it out now.

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