Tuesday, June 2, 2015

'My Name is Lizzie Flynn'

Here is a new book (released just yesterday) to keep an eye out for. The publisher lists it as a children's book (suitable for readers 7+), but there might well be be a few grown-up quilters amongst its keenest readers ...

My Name Is Lizzie Flynn - A Story Of The Rajah Quilt
Claire Saxby, illustrated by Lizzy Newcomb
Black Dog Books, 2015
Based on the true story of a quilt made by convict women on board the Rajah, bound for Australia.

There's a lovely children's bookshop next door to an excellent cafe not far from me - I'll go do some research for you ...


  1. Hmmm, might reccomend this to the School Library!

  2. What an excellent idea Textile Fiend - let's all do it.