Monday, June 8, 2015

Right way up?

One of the best things about belonging to a friendly and co-operative quilting group/circle/guild is that someone will always help you to pin-baste your quilt, and there are usually large tables to do it on. Every time we do it in our evening group, we wonder about which side of the batting should go 'up', can't remember or work it out, so we decide it doesn't really matter. Perhaps it does --- we might need a copy of this pinned to the wall ...

Batting has an "up" and "down"
APQS, January 22, 2013
Well, most of it does, anyway! It may surprise you to know that many batting products have a right side and a wrong side, just like fabric. If you place the batting wrong side up, you'll typically experience more batting "bearding" (small slubs of batting that pull to the back side of the quilt) or difficulty in maintaining consistent thread tension ...

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