Sunday, September 20, 2015

Last week at Fairholme ...

Daphne is making this wonderfully graphic quilt in classes
with Chris Jurd - she's contemplating something for the middle
of the centre block, and additional borders. Great colours!
Elaine W is making two versions of Sarah Fielke's Millefiori
quilt (from her book Hand Quilted with Love) for when her
 two little granddaughters return to Australia to live. The
next one is more turquoise than pink - very pretty, but she
needs to get a move on, she says.
Janice is not yet done with the beautiful possibilities of Liberty,
linen and Miriam's little bag. The matching needle case is a
lovely touch.
JoAnn and Marilyn sat next to each other last week, and
compared hexagons - Marilyn's are 3/8", and Jo's are a giant 2 inches!
Lyn Lang's mosaic cat's coat colour is based on her
beloved Josie - a very contented cat, just like this one
made from Lorraine Carthew's mosaic applique
pattern. A few more flower pieces will make up
the total of 495 (each one numbered to make sure
it goes in the right place).

Robyn L is embroidering this beautiful bird panel on linen ...
  ...  and you can see that she knows exactly what she is doing
with her needle and thread.

Robyn L is also making a pair of quilts for children,
from squares cut from a panel - this one for a little girl ...
... including this very cool mermaid!
... and tiny applique's for the next one that is for a little boy.

Sue C is making an epic quilt with guidance from Margaret
Sampson George. Each border is designed as you go, but
Sue is a statistician, and to make sure each element will fit,
she calculates sizes and angles. If you look very closely, you
can see that this corner block required the square root of
28.125 (which is 5.3033 if you want to know)!
Sue C does not fudge.
For another project, Sue C is making these colourful blocks full of curves.
And in a complete departure from her usual colour preference
of the many hues and shades of blue, Sue C is using up the scraps
from a recent pink quilt for a little girl as tumblers that will eventually
be a new quilt for another child.

Jill was removing the papers from foundation pieced
blocks for a baby quilt ...
... during the block making she came up with two new ways to
muck up the very straightforward process - not making sure
all the foundations are facing the same way when cutting them
in stacks; and picking up two blocks together when trimming
them to size, and just not noticing until too late ...

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