Saturday, September 12, 2015

This week at Fairholme (4): community quilts

It's been a big week for show and tell, we might have been out and about, shopping and visiting galleries, but we were sewing as well:

Let's work our way through this box of mismatched plaids, 
we said. Let's put them with something unexpected, we said,
something a bit 'wild'
So Dawn found a fabric that her family said was much too feral 
for them, and she and Susan put them together. Like this. 
The border is the off-cuts from the 'wild' corners. That was 
Susan's idea, and it's brilliant! It's off to a nursing home, 
where a touch of 'wild' might be very welcome. 
Let's hope we have a few plaids and wilds left, to do it again!
Lynette is one of our great 'finishers' - she often volunteers
to take on a quilt top that has not been quite finished,
or needs some major renovation to fit the needs of the groups
we donate quilts to. This one is made from half of a collection 

of blocks made with equilateral triangles, and some loose triangles, 
that were going to be a pair of quilts for twins, until their 
great aunt did a U-turn on the design and made something completely 
different, with other fabric. There are enough triangles left for 
Lynette to make another child-sized quilt ... if she would like to.
The fifth Pittwater quilt - see this post for information on
their name and origin and 
and here and here for the first two 
This one is made from the blocks 
remaining after
the other four tops had been put together. The blocks were
divided up to go together colour and size wise, but there was
a little plundering swapping in and out, and a little adjustment
was needed to 'lighten up' some of the remaining larger block
borders here.
The second and third quilts are nearly finished and they might
appear at our monthly community sewing day next week.
There is one large block left over - it is very pink and it just
doesn't 'go' here - it is now in the orphan collection, and another
lovely scrappy quilt will emerge from there, in time.
Children all over NSW have enjoyed quilts made by Robin W
from her vibrant fabric collection - this little one is for a children's
hospital bassinet, and will be donated through the Quilters Guild of NSW.

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