Tuesday, October 6, 2015

'Old Quilts, New Life' released

A few weeks ago, we enjoyed a morning with Sarah Fielke, showing us many of the quilts from her books, including a preview of a few from her new book. Now that book, Old Quilts, New Life has been released, and our copy is on order. It was interesting to hear about the long and detailed process of producing a book that requires so much making for the content, that we don't often consider when enjoying the beautiful end-product.

This weekend Sarah has blogged about the release, her plans to celebrate it online, with a brief introduction to the book's concept:
... To begin, I chose 9 antique quilts from the American Folk Art Museum in New York. Each quilt has been reinterpreted in modern fabrics, and then each quilt also has a Modern quilt pattern to go with it. There's also a little bit of historical info that goes with each antique quilt, and the information about the original maker, where is was available ...
Further posts about the book are planned, and a blog tour later in the month.

We loved the quilts, and the idea of linking old and new quilts, so we are really looking forward to adding it to the 'Sarah Fielke shelf' in our library. Congratulations Sarah - here's to another success!

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  1. Thanks so much ladies, I had a wonderful morning with you all and I hope you enjoy the book x