Monday, October 19, 2015

Where do all the quilts go?

We give away about 60 quilts each year through our community quilts project. We often don't know who has received them, or what they mean to the people who receive them, and that is fine: once they are given, they are no longer ours, and we trust the role they can play.  They won't all be kept and cherished, and we hope many will wear out from use. Sometimes we do know that a quilt has been much loved, and that is always nice to hear. A heart warming story about a quilt that has done its job very well for a very long time circulated through social media this weekend:

The man who kept a quilt for 70 years
Camila Ruz, BBC News Magazine, 17th October 2015
After World War Two, thousands of British families were sent packages of food from strangers in the US. But nine-year-old Joseph Briddock and his family were given something unexpected. Seven decades later he is still keeping it safe ...

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