Thursday, November 5, 2015

Dawn quilts on ...

Dawn is one of our most enthusiastic and prolific community quilt makers - she handed over two recently finished quilts this week:

A gentle, soothing combination of neutrals from our
community stash in one of Down's favourite blocks,
the disappearing four patch
This pattern is new to Dawn, but she likes it too -
construction is much, much easier than it looks,
but the design is very effective.
It is Batiks Gone Wild, by Suzy Myers,
obviously made up in a variety of plaids
- which we have still not used up completely!
On Monday, Dawn was determined to finish the binding
of her 'Wild' quilt, and while the tables and chairs
were packed away, she sewed on, without noticing ...
... until there was just her. Then she laughed, and laughed!
And sewed those last few stitches.

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