Monday, November 30, 2015

A final preview

Out raffle quilt for next year's Fairholme Quilt Show (8th - 10th April 2016) is nearly finished. This is a last preview before final reveal.

We will be selling tickets at Ride-a Day-in-My-Wheels, the annual fundraiser for Studio  ARTES, the community organisation who will benefit from the raffle proceeds. They will also be guest exhibitors at our show. The fund-raising event is on Saturday 5th December, in Hornsby Mall.

We will be located next to the fountain, between the Blu-Water restaurant and the south entry to Westfield (the David Jones wing) - come along and see the quilt, and buy your tickets if you are in town. Details of how and where to buy them later will be posted next week.

The design is classic modern, combining precision piecing and
counterpanes to showcase the background fabrics.
This exquisite French toile is in one piece on the back, m
ing the quilt beautifully reversible.

The quilt-making process began a year ago when Miriam and Janice agreed to design the quilt and steer its completion with all of the group members able to contribute. We were fortunate to have a stash of beautiful fabric to work with, much of French in origin. They have done a wonderful job, and it will be ready ahead of schedule.

Our thanks and congratulations to Miriam and Janice, to everyone who has been (and is) stitching, has advised, reviewed and measured, measured and measured again, and to Jo who generously donated the long arm quilting. We even managed to win ourselves a pack of batting at the  Sydney Quilt Show earlier this year (thank you again Lyn, Peggy and Susan).

We are very happy with how it is looking, and we think you will like it too.

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