Wednesday, December 2, 2015

This week at Fairholme ...

That was quick - our last regular Monday meeting for 2015 was this week. We take a break for a few weeks over the summer, after a Christmas lunch next Monday, with a display of the Blankets of Love we have made for our end-of-year challenge (so there are still some finishes to see). Since we have a Quilt Show scheduled for 8th - 10th April 2016), it might be a break from meetings, rather than a break from sewing for many of us.

Simple rail fence blocks were elevated in design by the addition
of a narrow sashing strip - Roslyn chose all of the fabrics from
our community stash, and quietly and expertly produced this
stylish, calm quilt while she is also coordinating stock for the
exclusive craft boutique to be offered at our 2016 Quilt Show,
and the members' challenge for the Show.
Jill repaired a 25 year old baby quilt of great sentimental
value, made for her daughter. It is to handed back to its maker's
daughter as a memento of her late mother, along with a new
baby quilt that Jill made for her daughter, due be born this week.
Dawn has been making bags of all shapes and sizes for our
craft boutique - we know they will be popular, because  a select
few have been released for re-Christmas sale to our members at
their request, with proceeds going to the craft boutique.
We don't know when Dawn sleeps!

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