Sunday, February 28, 2016

Last week at Fairholme ...

Maybe it's because we in the run-up to our two yearly Quilt Show, but we seem to be particularly productive of late - as last week's finishes confirm ...

Elsa's hexagon diamonds continue to grow apace
- those are tiny 1/2" hexies!
Robin S's hexagon diamonds were intended to use up 'all the scraps'
 - no doubt there are still some left. And Robin had been heard to
say she was done with large quilts ... these hexies are 1",
and the quilt is big. Robin is a notorious hand-quilter, so
although she thought she would just do 'a bit', before she knew it,
she had hand quilted the entire quilt.
Daphne has pulled out her long term hexagon project for
an airing. She is making the hexies up as she goes along.
Lots of paper piecing - that's her thing.
Fran has not yet been seen to do hexies, but since this is only
her SECOND quilt (the first one is here), there is plenty of time!
The centre medallion fabric guided Elaine W's serene colour
choice of taupe, cream and blue with a chocolate accent for
this community quilt, generously made from her own stash
Lynette upcycled a panel fabric cut up and bordered with
 contemporary prints from the community stash,  into a
bright and beautiful community quilt. 

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