Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Recently at Fairholme ...

Sue C passed some of her extensive blue stash on to Dawn ... 
... who made placemats for the 2016 Quilt Show craft boutique
Pam kindly made a cushion to allow Barry to see the TV better
with his new multifocals ...
... and it worked so well she made one for herself as well.
They are even reversible!
Robyn L used some recent enforced 'quiet' time to hand
piece and applique this gorgeous little hearts quilt!
We are glad to have you back with us Robyn.
Lyn has also had some enforced quiet time, and used
some of it to finish her mosaic applique of a cat
- who resembles her beloved Josie. There are more
than 400 applique pieces in there.
It's good to have you back with us too, Lyn.
Jill's quilt top is 'improv' pieced without a pattern (there
were some (very) vague sketches), free cut without a ruler,
until the blocks were trimmed for joining.
Quilting is now under consideration.

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