Monday, March 28, 2016

Fussy cutting - a tutorial, or just a beautiful post for looking at the pictures, and an introduction to 'Passacaglia'

Blog posts can be prepared ahead of time and scheduled to post automatically - but you have to check the 'schedule' box in the blog editing program. Sometimes that doesn't happen, and posts (like emails) languish in the 'drafts; folder, like this one from 2014!

We have some virtuoso paper piecers at Fairholme, with expert fussy cutting skills ... but some of us have not ventured there yet.  This post from UK quilter Flossie Teacakes (who obviously doesn't take herself too seriously), is both an excellent tutorial and a beautiful little feast for the eye.

Other tutorials that might catch your eye, too are linked from her side-bar (left side). If you are captured by the Passacaglia 'cogs' in her banner, take a look at the first and last images (more about that second image here) in this post too (which is not about epp) ... there is much to see in this blog
'from between the stitches'.

Passacaglia is one of the projects in Millefiori Quilts, published by Quilt Mania.

And if you want to see more about a Passacaglia quilt in progress, Lilabelle Lane's dedicated page is a good place to start ... or just put 'Passacaglia' into Google, and follow the links under 'images'.
See you on the other side.

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