Sunday, March 27, 2016

Some quilty reading and viewing for the long weekend

The backstory of a popular book in our library, Sunday Morning Quilts, by Cheryl Arkison:
Cheryl Arkison will be visiting Australia as the guest tutor for the inaugural Creative Retreats, to be held in NSW and Victoria in June-July .

The Invisible Quilter
The Off-Kilter Quilt, 15 March 2016
The other day I went to a friend’s birthday lunch at a local cafe. I was seated among a group of women I didn’t know, and when I mentioned that I made quilts I got the response I almost always get when amongst the muggles (i.e. nonquilters): admiration (“that’s so cool!”) underscored by confusion. People still make quilts? ...
Why Does My Longarmer Charge ‘So Much’?
AndiCrafts, 21 March 2016
... It was obvious she had used all of her talent, training and PASSION for quilting to turn this top into a show stopper. And do you know how much she earned for all of this hard work? Around $13 per hour ...
Paper pieced 'Unicorn' block
Robynieland publishes interesting paper piecing patterns, including a very attractive unicorn block:
... R. T. Rognstad is an American artist and sewist creating in New Zealand. Her work involves a variety of animals as curious and alluring characters ...
And in case you are travelling to the US sometime, a fabric store you might want to check out ...

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