Saturday, July 30, 2016

A little reading for a wintery weekend ...

The Fascinating History Of Flour Sack Dresses
Times were lean in the Great Depression and families across the nation aimed to do more with what they did have. One of the most interesting stories from this era is the curious case of how flour and feed sack companies began printing patterns on their bags ...

On giving it away
Mary Fons, The Quilt Scout
I’m not keeping good records, but I figure I’ve made around 50 quilts in my life thus far. I began quilting eight years ago, I’m usually busier than a one-armed paper hanger, and I make bed-sized quilts, so I feel okay about my number. The result of this quiltmaking productivity is that I possess many quilts. Or, I would possess many quilts if I wasn’t downright ruthless about giving them away ...
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There Are Many Sides to the Story of Paula Nadelstern
Ronni Reich, Brut Force, 24 March 2015
Nadelstern spent her first fifteen years as an artist working at her kitchen table. As a quilter, she drew on a centuries-old tradition of women creating one fabric square at a time, using whatever space and free moments and materials they had to practice their craft, whose main purpose was to keep their family warm.

Today, she travels the world exhibiting her colorful, intricate creations, teaching and publishing books. She recently judged a competition in Houston, and her travels have taken her from her home in New York to locales as diverse as Spain, Wichita, Germany, England, and Abu Dhabi ...

Diana’s Golden Needle: 100 Quilts Over the Goal!
Anne Hammel, On Point, 7 June 2016
Congratulations, Diana! Just over a year ago, Diana Jasany began working toward her Girl Scout Gold Award. Her original goal was to send 16 quilts to foster children, honoring her own adoption story along the way ... With the amazing response of quilters from around the world, her quilt top count recently surpassed 116, 100 over her original goal! Thousands of blocks have been donated, stitched, and quilted, all carefully coordinated by Diana.

Inmates make comfort quilts for grieving families
Karen Zatkulak, KTVB, 16 June 2016
... His family was grateful for the gift, but was even more impressed when they learned who made it.

The quilts are all made by inmates working in the laundry room of the state prison. A handful of prisoners work together to piece together materials in interesting designs.

"We design and put together things that are kind of cheery hopefully, and things that would appeal to the people," said inmate Walt Moore. "We just want them to have something that would be special in some way."

Moore says they're not great sewers, but they are passionate about the work ...

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