Monday, August 15, 2016

Community sewing Saturday

We held our second annual Saturday community sewing day this month, so that those who can't make Thursdays could join us. We sewed, talked, had lunch and sewed and sewed. There were many more quilts than are pictured here, but we were too busy sewing to take more.

Lots of sewing happened as nearly everyone brought unfinished
 projects to work on
Lots of advice was available - should the irises face in, or out?
Things are not always as they seem. And that pretty plaid at
the left will be the backing.
This quilt used to be sheeting samples.
A panel was bordered, and bordered again until it was
big enough for a child's quilt
Trial layout for some bright spotty blocks that will have 
bright spotty setting triangles.
We dined well on soup, bread, cheese, olives and cake.
Thank you to all who came and sewed, cut, pinned, ironed and advised, and brought delicious food to share - it was a very pleasant way to spend a winter Saturday.

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