Thursday, August 18, 2016

Quilts for home and others

This week at Fairholme ...

Pam has finished another large quilt top, that we pin-basted
last week - she says hand quilting will begin any day now ...
lots of lovely aboriginal design prints from Central Australia
and elsewhere.

Diana is multi-skilled - she embroidered
the medallions for her wall hanging ...
... and machine appliqued the flowers to this navy background
fabric that was then stretched over a frame to hang above her
bed. The same doona cover (yes, she bought two) is on the
bed, and inspired the applique.
Tree of Life - one of Julie's two entries in the 
Sydney Quilt Show - it was good to see it up very close, 
and to be able to touch it! Note the borders of 
The Strawberry Thief print.
(Adapted from Morning Glory, designed by Michele Hill, borders adapted by Julie. 
Machine quilted by Sue Olma, So She Quilts)
Several months ago Fran cut a big stack of 3" squares from
our community stash fabrics - Lynette has just finished the
first of several quilts that can be made from them!
Note that the centre is two squares sewn together
to give it a rectangular shape.
Julie made a quilt top from sheeting samples in the community
stash, and then made the backing from the same samples -
we convinced her that she had actually made two tops (we're
helpful like that). She felt the large white squares were
a little stark, so apppliqued the floral shapes. Backings for
both tops were found in the community stash. Jo-Ann hand-
sewed the binding down at our community sewing day last week.
The first top is nearly finished too.


  1. Love the quilt with the Australian fabrics at the top of this page. Can you tell us which pattern was used?

  2. Recently found your your work. Please tell us what pattern was used for the large quilt done by Pam at the top of this page with the Aboriginal prints. Thanks!!

    1. Australia Dreaming, from Misty Threads in Dorrigo, NSW:

    2. Thank you, I have ordered the book and hoping to find the pattern within the pages.

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