Friday, December 30, 2016

All the 2016 community quilts!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to and encouraged our community quilting efforts in 2016.

Our community quilting activities continue to go from strength to strength - we don't set targets for the number of quilts we make to donate to various community causes, but we do hold a monthly sewing day to give members access to our community fabric, thread and batting stash. The day is a welcome additional communal sewing opportunity each month. 

This year our efforts were boosted by a generous donation of six quilts from a small home-based group that has folded, who passed on to us their six completed quilts for donation, and the remainder of their community stash. Another Fairholme friend who lives too far away to join us has made several tops that we have finished.

Our members are generous with their time, expertise and contributions from their own stashes, making for a very considerable donation to community. These quilts have all been completed and donated during 2016, most of them to groups who will distribute them to individual community members, and two were raffled to raise funds for community causes. 

We donated two quilts to Quilts of Valour NSW, in addition to our established recipients, a local aged care centre, and (via Quilt NSW) foster children, Sydney Children's Hospital and the NSW Blankets of Love program.

There are 59 quilts here, but we know there were probably five or six more that were not photographed ... the making and the giving is the thing. And we know that a dozen or so are already in the making for next year.

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