Tuesday, October 24, 2017

October community sewing day

Another productive day of community quilt making and working with a team of friends last week, on what was our second last monthly sewing day for the year ...

Some of us use patterns, some of us wing it, and some of us are
meticulous planners - our Sue C is a planner, and it pays off.
She's also our chief photographer, among the numerous roles
she fills ... and another lovely quilt is underway!
She said on Instagram 'I like it when a plan comes together.
It was (our community sewing day yesterday day yesterday -
always such a fun day. I had my graph and most of my pieces
cut before I got there, so spent quite a while crawling around
the design floor (a low stage) ...'
'... 8 rows were pieced by the
end of the day.'
It was a marathon pin basting day, reflecting the piecing that has been done over the last few weeks ...
From the top - green bento boxes made by Sue H; the second
Star Challenge quilt from 2016 put together by Noelle;
a second 'In a Whirl' quilt made by Dawn (her third altogether.
Superheroes made by Yvette; double Irish chain made
by Dawn; donated blocks put together by Lynette.
Julie's end of year challenge quilt, crossing over into
community quilts; Jill's end of year challenge quilt also
crossing over; bDawn made the most of bird and berry
prints from a large fabric donation from earlier in the yea
Elaine has made enough 'In a Whirl' blocks from her
raffle win strips for two community quilts.
The pretty pastel strips will be the sashing.

The work table of a multi-tasker. Julie might be doing
a second end of year challenge project in there.
Yvette isn;t sure which design/colours her sister will like
 most for her birthday quilt, so she is generously making two,
and will donate the second one to the community quilt collection

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