Monday, October 16, 2017

Post-long-weekend show and tell (3) ... community and challenge quilt progress

Robyn B had just about given up on her bushy tailed puppy
appliqué blocks, and brought them in to donate to the end-of-year
challenge pool. But she allowed herself to be talked into putting
them together, and has kindly donated the top to the
community quilts collection. A child is going to love it Robyn.
It amazes us that our friends, who are not Fairholme
members, also make and donate quilts for our community
collection. Lyn and Sue do classes together, and Lyn
recently gave Sue two large completed tops, and fabric
for backings and bindings! Thank you Lyn.

Sue has quilted and bound both of them, with pieced,
non-symetrical backings (way out of her comfort zone.
Rumour has it that Sue has now opened her basted
Miss April parcel, and hand quilting will begin any day ...

Elaine quickly spotted a collection of red and white blocks for
her end-of-year challenge project ('how could someone discard
these?'), has a plan and has started putting them together. She
was delighted when Yvette gave her some scraps from her
Farmer's Wife quilt to help get it finished.
The top of Jill's remake using Helen's log cabin blocks
is done - all the blocks are included and the old border
has been re-cut for the binding. All the 'new' fabric
was in Jill's stash waiting to be needed.

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