Sunday, December 6, 2009

Summer break .....

As you know, after this week's festivities on Monday and on Tuesday evening, we will have a break for several weeks over the summer. No doubt we will all have plenty to do (...... a comfy seat in the shade of a tree, gentle cooling breeze, a book, maybe a little hand sewing. maybe even some quilting on cooler days .....), but if you'd like to see some action on the blog from time to time, please feel more than welcome to contribute. Here are few easy ideas, I'm sure you'll have more ....
  • send a photo of any of your quilts that you'd care to share, with or without a note about it
  • tell us about your very favourite quilting book
  • tell and or show us what quilting/sewing you are working on, or just thinking about while we are having our break
  • if you are doing something or going somewhere exotic, let the rest of us share it vicariously in a note and/or pictures
  • do you have favourite quilting websites or blogs that we don't have linked here?
  • what is your favourite quilting gadget, and why?
  • if you come across any quilting news, such an exhibition we might need to visit, please pass it on.

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