Friday, December 4, 2009

Wedges and diamonds

Jane is going round in circles with her wedge ruler - these are two separate pieces, although they might look as though they're joined in this photo. It is interesting that the design of the one on the left, created by the placement of the light and dark pieces is much more obvious as you either view it from further away, squint at it, or see a smaller image.

Back to the straight and narrowish, this combination of fabrics gives a 3-D look to Jane's table runner made from the leftover wedges.

Likewise with Dina's "French General" (named for the red fabric), the swirling pattern is more obvious in a smaller image:

Dina is trying out machine quilting with perle cotton - more when she is finished.
This is Dina's two jelly-roll large (!) quilt for her own bed, now completely finished, with every single diamond ditch-quilted by Dina, and stippled borders by Jane.

Jane's very similar sized, same pattern quilt is next under the machine.

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