Friday, September 21, 2012

Community quilts: 20th September 2012

Yesterday was a community quilts sewing day at Pennant Hills. We did do some sewing, but mostly we pinned, and pinned, and then pinned some more.  The last few months' work has yielded a number of completed tops, and it was time to pin-baste them ready for quilting and binding.  We think we pin basted 9 quilts - only possible in a single day when there are many hands to lighten the work.

They included this sashed 9 patch put together by Dawn from blocks pieced by several members.  Much of the fabric is thought to be Laura Ashley:

This vibrant top was made by Robin W, using just one oblong-shaped patch arranged in eight-piece blocks:

Robin also made this top (from her own stash), which was then quilted and bound by Maureen, and donated to the community quilt collection for 2012:

When Elaine gets back from her country trip, we'll be after the recipe for the delicious chocolate chip cookies we had for morning tea - thanks Elaine! 

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