Sunday, September 30, 2012

New 'indigos', and a little bit of fabric ...

Hot on the heels of the Indigo Gives America the Blues exhibition, comes a new fabric line from designers Minick and Simpson for Moda, called Indigo Crossing (look back through a few recent Minick and Simpson blog poststo see lots of photos of both the fabrics and sample quilts made from them).  Quiltsmith (at Annandale) will have at least one of the Minick and Simpson patterns designed for this fabric release as kits that can be pre-ordered now.

In the same blog post, Melinda takes us on her recent buying visit to the local Leutenegger warehouse - now that's a fabric stash!


  1. And would it surprise anyone to know that I've been eyeing off that fabric line ever since I first saw it??