Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A new week at Fairholme ...

After last week's blog-post marathon, we still had some show and tell to appreciate this week ...

Well okay, this one really is from last week ... 
This lovely photo of Miriam and Georgie, with Georgie's completed
'whopper shopper' bag from Miriam's workshop was taken by
Georgie's sister Phyl - it's so good, of both of them and the bag,
that I'm glad I messed up my photo and had to ask Georgie if she
had another one! Thanks Phyl.

A neat electrical device that we have on generous loan from
a friend-of-a-friend ...
... will be put to the test making bias binding for a
yet-to-be-revealed community project (the hot pink bus is not a
requirement, but it does brighten up the picture).
The box says it will make 12 feet of bias binding in 60 seconds! 

Lyn certainly hopes it lives up to the claim.
Peggy whipped up this bag, with Val Moore
designed applique, in between her many other
projects - very funky!

Some of those 'other' projects of Peggy's are these 3-D
English-paper pieced Christmas decorations - each made from
60 diamonds.  We are booking her up for a demonstration.
Some of our members spent last weekend at a quilting retreat
with Studio Quilters - it was fully catered, so they had no
need to do anything other than sew ... and they did!
Lynette took along some of her extensive collection of
black and white fabrics to make this cleverly designed top,
with a highlight of almost-lime.
Lyn was another Studio retreater - these summer berry
coloured fabrics were provided to make tops that will
become charity quilts.  Lyn chose to alternate two
traditional blocks (rail fence and square in a square),
that will be finished off with a pink/purple print border -
which she is confident she will find in her stash. We look 

forward to seeing Louise's bright 'fruit salad' version soon.

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