Thursday, October 23, 2014

At Fairholme this week ... (3)

Still not finished with the last week ... last Thursday was our monthly community sewing day, and once again we made a lot of progress:

This is Helen's third quilt from a collection of bright, mostly
geometric fabrics, all different - they'll be all used up soon,
won't they, or we will just keep finding more scraps to add to
the scraps ....
Lynette had two quilt tops to pin baste - the one on the left is a trip
around the world variation, the one on the right is a checkerboard
made from 16 patch blocks - mostly fabric from the community
stash, playing very happily together.
They have possibly been quilted by now ... Lynette had a
quilting weekend coming up.
Last year's end-of-year block challenge resulted in 48 'Missing U'
blocks, which were made into three quilt tops (see them here and
here) early this year.  We had two blocks left over that begged
for complimentary blocks to be made from Asian style fabrics.
Roslyn and Pat have taken up that challenge throughout the year.
When we laid the collection out this week, we could see that
just two more, in teal/aqua colours would complete this fourth
quilt ...
... and Pat, who enjoyed making her previous blocks, volunteered
to make them.  She called in Dawn to play help choose fabrics from
the colour sorted scraps with her, and they are well under way.
Dawn has been working away quietly with these calm neutral
toned fabrics that appeared in the community stash, making one
her favourite blocks, the disappearing 4 patch. A deep gold narrow
border and a final border of the background fabric,  and a very
restful, contemplative quilt was ready for pin basting.
It too is possibly quilted by now - Dawn is quick!

These bright half-square triangle blocks were donated
already made, along with some complimentary
4-patches, some time ago, by Georgie.  This week, Elaine
determined to put them together and made an impressive
start constructing chevron rows. Now that the design
decisions have been made, the top might be finished at
our final community sewing day for the year, next month.
Next month we will sort our accumulated finished quilts for delivery before Christmas, before we take a two month break over the summer.  That doesn't necessarily mean that no sewing will be done - you can see from these posts that a lot can happen in between meetings, even though we encourage each other to make time for our own sewing too.

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