Wednesday, October 22, 2014

At Fairholme this week ... (2)

Then, Tuesday night members helped to finish a voluntary task I had taken on, but ran up against a too tight time frame - they helped me to to make cushion covers from digitally printed art works by artists at Studio ARTES in Hornsby.  They are displayed and for sale at the 'Cushion Up' exhibition currently at Koskela in Rosebery until 16th November.

You probably all know to be very careful of how you answer if asked "So, can you sew?", especially when followed by "And do you know anyone else who can sew?" ... my grateful thanks to Lynette, Noelle, Elaine B and Pam who helped by making the final 15 (!) cushion covers. I knew they would help out for this very valuable community effort - and they did, at very short notice. Quilters rock.

Sewing cushion covers on Tuesday night ...

... to be part of the exhibition set up at Koskela on Thursday!

Another special project is underway at Fairholme, but it will not be revealed before it is completed and handed over to its owners ... for now, we are enjoying seeing its progress under the guiding hands of three of our members, and we are very impressed with their work.  We think that the 'commissioners' will be astounded.

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