Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Friday Showcase, July 2015

Last Friday, Fairholme Quilters delivered the monthly Friday Showcase at the Quilters Guild of NSW, in the city. We were warmly welcomed and enjoyed the experience of sharing just a few of our quilts with other enthusiasts. We took eight large quilts, and the ten small challenge quilts from our 2014 exhibition. A selection of the quilts is now hanging in the Guild office until the next Showcase on 7th August.

Thanks to the Quilters Guild for the invitation and opportunity. We recommend the Showcase as a regular event for anyone who like to look at quilts, and values the opportunity to examine them more closely in an informal setting, and to meet the makers.

The Showcase program is available from the Guild's website, here.

The quilts were held up one at a time and then
laid out on the large table for closer examination
- this is all of our quilts, at the end of the Showcase.
Val's 'African Dance' (with Janice's 'Wedding Quilt'
and 'The Kensington Quilt' from Margaret's collection underneath)

Miriam's hand-made Trip Around the World

It was good to have some of the makers with us,
to speak about their own quilts.
The Stained Glass Window Quilt 
The 2014 Colour Challenge Quilts
Thanks to Jan Foster for the photos.

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