Monday, July 6, 2015

'... this parallel universe of quilting ...'

Enjoy the transcript of this speech, delivered at a Canadian conference. It is quite long (and well worth the time), but do not settle back with a cup of tea or coffee (or any drink for that matter) - your keyboard will be at risk. Thank you to Kavy, The Sewing Lawyer, for bringing it to us:

A speech on quilting, by Allan Fradsham, a criminal court judge in Calgary, Alberta, 2010
... I was completely oblivious to the fact that what she was really announcing was that she was taking up membership in a tightly knit (if you'll pardon the expression) group of individuals whose loyalty to one another makes motorcycle gang members seem uncommitted, and whose passion for quilting activities makes members of cults look positively disinterested. As is the case with many spouses, I was completely unaware that there existed this parallel universe called quilting ...

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