Friday, July 31, 2015

Sarah Fielke visits Fairholme

Thanks for the photo Sarah
 - we were so busy admiring the
quilts, we forgot to take any!
This week we had the great pleasure of a a visit from Sarah Fielke, for a trunk show of some of the quilts from her books, the stories behind them, and a little (!) shopping from her fabric ranges and other products.

It was so good to hear from such a dedicated, professional and passionate quilter. Beautiful quilts and books, and her new fabric range was very popular. We'll be keeping an eye out for her new book, Old Quilts, New Life in September (we got to preview a couple of the quilts), and will add it to our library,where we already have Sarah's previous books.

Sarah is an active participant on social media, as you will see from the links on her website.

Thanks Sarah, and thanks Georgie for organising such an enjoyable morning.

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