Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Current works in progress ...

After the build up to a two yearly quilt show, there are inevitably not many new finishes to show yet, but there are no idle hands. Here are some of the hand stitching projects in progress at the moment, and one machine stitched top completed:

Margaret S has a particular liking for reproduction
fabrics, and she is a skilled fussy-cutter.
Robin W has been quilting for many years, and has produced
many quilts, sewing by hand and by machine- so she thought
it was time to master the Y-seam!
Sue H has been known to make both large and tiny
quilts - which will these little hexagons become?
Val is reclaiming fabric from a large collection of her husband's
silk ties - they will reappear as something stunning.
Naomi is a new member who describes herself as a novice
quilter - this recently completed top is her second quilt,
made from a beautiful range of batiks. 

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