Friday, May 27, 2016

Images from the Fairholme Quilt Show (3)

Sue Hodges
I began this quilt several years ago on a workshop
with Anne Sommerlad. I was inspired to make it in the
Amish style after seeing some exquisite miniatures in a
quilt shop in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA.
The quilt is to be displayed with a small collection of
Amish pieces bough during my trip to the USA.
It was completed recently in an effort to reduce my
collection UFO’s.
(This quilt is approximately 30 x 42 cm, A3 size)
Lyn Lang
I have made this wall hanging as a tribute
to my ginger cat Josie using Lorraine Carthew's
design from her book ‘Mosaic Applique'.
Miriam Jones
After her mother passed away, my dear friend Elaine gave me a
tablecloth that her mother had embroidered and edge-crocheted.
I fell in love with it immediately. Being of a certain age, this
tablecloth had a few rust marks and a couple of wear holes.
What to do to make it into a special, meaningful piece?
Being white on white embroidery, it needed a gentle touch. I
 chose to finally use my Liberty pieces that I had been squirrelling
away for years. I mixed these with some modern fabric pieces.
The pattern I used is called Joseph's Coat. I hand - pieced the
rounds and then joined them together. What I adore about this
pattern is the wonderful rounded edges that are formed if you
work it in a circular fashion. To cover minor imperfections in the
tablecloth I chose to make fabric circles and appliqué them on.
Repairs were made to the crocheted border. I love the way this
tablecloth has turned out. Thank you Elaine for sharing this
tablecloth with me. Your Mum was a wonderful sewer and
I hope that it honours her memory.
Dawn Cox
There are many wonderful buildings on Norfolk Island
but we chose this freighter at the Kingston Historical Precinct
which is used for transferring freight from cargo vessels to
shore. As part of the construction technique we built each
layer and featured an outline of a thin black line to create a
more graphic image. The Norfolk Island Quilt Retreat
was tutored by Gloria Loughman.
Dawn Cox
A Gloria Loughman workshop creating a simple
landscape quilt that features an unusual palette of
colours. The emphasis was a colour choice and
value, using colours not necessarily seen before
in nature, but work harmoniously together
for a stunning and different effect.

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