Sunday, May 29, 2016

Images from the Fairholme Quilt Show (4) ... Challenge Quilts 1 - 7

Roslyn once again volunteered to curate a quilt challenge for the Quilt Show, providing a small exhibition within the exhibition. The challenge as to create a quilt no larger than 50cm x 50 cm, based on or inspired by the first photo (below), taken by Roslyn's son. The inspiration could be any aspect of the photo, such as colour(s), shape(s), an associated idea, but not a realistic representation. There were 14 entries, with the winner chosen by the viewers.

Challenge photograph: Lachlan Pullen

"My Mushroom Garden" by Lynette Harvey
"Malalo" (Resting Place) by Dawn Cox 
"Moonlight" by Miriam Jones
"Challenge Quilt 2016" by Pat Nerlich 
"Fairyland" by Susan McMahon
"Fungi in Folklore" by Val Nadin
"Down the Rabbit Hole" by Virginia Coote
More tomorrow ...

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