Thursday, February 2, 2017

Sewing through summer (1)

Our second week of 2017 has been hot, hot, hot ... too hot for quilting for some of us, but there is still plenty of summer sewing to see ...

Pat is hand quilting her striking original design Urban
quilt with random straight lines - nearly done, but it might
have to wait for some cooler weather.
Lyn had her daughter's sewing machine in for service,
so while she waited, she made a carry bag for it - as you do!
... and out of that bag came Lyn latest completed
quilt top - 3256 1" postage stamp pieces. The vibrant
turquoise sashing helped to organise them into
manageable panels, and preserve sanity.
The reverse of Lyn's postage stamps - she used a fusible
grid method to sew them together by machine - much quicker
and much, much less fiddly than joining them individually.

Just search for 'fusible grid quilting for lots of information.

Julie's William Morris prints look mellow and
comfortable with their mustard/yellow sashing - but she
says the flannel backing made a bit difficult to quilt
by machine because of the extra bulk.
Yvette is well into her  version of Wendy Williams's
'Round the Garden' design - mostly felt applique on
a linen background. There's a long way to go,
but it is already beautiful.

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