Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Still more summer sewing ...

We reconvened just three weeks ago - there was quite a lot of sewing going on over the break ...

Denise's first machine quilting experience looks very accomplished.

The reverse of Denise's quilt - she often uses a doily as her quilt label.

Jo-Ann worked on these two inch hexagon during her
year-long recovery from an injury ...
The elegantly simple wave quilting design replaces an
angular design that Jo felt was 'fighting' with the hexagons.
Sue H has made many 'I Spy' quilts for children
 in her family this one is for a little great-niece ...
... there is a lot to see!

Sue H also makes a quilt for every baby in the family
- her teddies blocks are together just in time for a new baby
born in the last week!
Helen's slow-burning hexagon has been worth waiting for
- finished with Margaret Sampson George style borders.
It will be quilted in no time!
Helen has been a very successful quilt top finisher
this summer - this one is for the community collection.

Diana's beautiful applique panels are to decorate her hallway.

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