Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sewing through summer (2)

Janet made the most of her summer sewing time, catching
up with blocks from the Splendid Sampler - she made the top
eight of this compilation during the break, and the others earlier
last year. She has made a total of more than fifty 6" blocks now,
and you can see how well they play together.
Hilary made this cute children’s book for her niece’s 1 year old twins. There is so much work and detail, it is really lovely.
Once upon a time there was a pink bear and a blue rabbit they had a really groovy kitchen where they ate their dinner, then bear had a shower (note the shower curtain and the towel), while rabbit brushed his teeth, then they snuggled up in their own little bed and went fast asleep! They lived happily together ever after.

Louise W-S has been busy with pretty applique - for an aunt.

To catch up with Miriam's latest quilt,visit  
Sew Miriam for all the words and pictures.

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