Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Community sewing day, August 2017 (1)

We hold one community sewing day a year on a Saturday, so those who cannot come on Thursdays can join us, and we provide lunch, just to make it a little bit special. Last Saturday we had a terrific roll-up of quilters, who sewed, cut fabric, pressed, pinned and pinned and pinned, and enjoyed a day with friends. The chatter and laughter level indicated that we were having a good time. Chris, Adrienne and Denise joined us for the first time - we hope they will come again.

Many quilts were in progress - nine or ten quilts were pin basted - and two completed quilts were handed in. Twenty people came and went during the day, and we got a lot done. Thank you to all who made it such a good day, and for all the work you do.

Just a quick photo line-up of all those finished quilts and tops,
we said.  Sue put on her teacher voice ...
... and we eventually had a straightish line and all the quilts on
view. The quilts were not necessarily made by the people who are
holding them, but Hilary, Pat and Helen are holding their own.
Yvette came very organised with her superhero blocks and
sashing strips already cut ...
... and she got right to work, finishing the top on the day.
A superhero fan is going to love this.
Pat took charge of pin basting, and her rotating team worked
hard all day pinning ten quilts - no time for photos of all of them!
Helen made this top.
Sue C's friend Lyn donated two finished tops and backing
fabric - this is one of them. Thanks Lyn.
This is Pat's latest community quilt - she was determined to
make these fabrics work together and they look fabulous!
Last quilt basted - we ran out of pins and sent Hilary home
for more. Jill busted some stash scraps for this quilt top.
More photos to come ...

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