Thursday, August 31, 2017

Last show and tell for winter

Our ranks have been a little thinner as winter draws to a close and Sydney's flu takes hold, but we have continued to see brilliant work.

Beautifully appliqu├ęd and quilted tree, made by
Jo-Ann about four years ago. An injury interrupted
its completion, until last week when the planets
aligned to give her a good block of time to devote to it. 
Jo took a while to settle on the quilting effect she wanted 
between the branches and some unpicking was involved. 
Jo took a while to settle on the quilting effect she wanted
between the banches and some unpicking was involved. She
is happy with the matchstick quilting that was inspired by Jenn's
work that she has been able to inspect closely recently.
Jo did the quilts a long-arm machine.
Julie has used a crochet thread rather than sashiko
for this wall hanging, made for her daughter.
She has added some green in the leaves and red to
the traditional white thread. 
We've been fascinated watching Lyn's appliqued and
embroidered village grow under her needle. There will be
more embroidery in the borders, but it is already full of 

detail. The pattern is Yoko Saito's 2012 'Mystery Quilt' 
published by Quilt Mania.
Closeup of just one little neighbourhood. Will it be done 
for our April 2018 quilt show? No pressure Lyn!
Robyn designed her quilt with circles and circles within
circles. It is all appliqued, and hand quilted. 
A lovely, happy mix of fabric, lots of detail, and Robyn's
beautiful hand quilting. She intended to quilt jut once around
the circles, but they demanded more!

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