Sunday, August 13, 2017

First (and some second) quilts

Only some of us still have them, but we thought it would be fun to give our first quilts an airing for show and tell last week. Some people were organised enough to bring their second quilts as well. As you would anticipate, there were several samplers, and most were hand-pieced.

Janice made her first quilt at night classes at a community
college, for her first child in the late 1980s. In 2014 the
wedding quilt she made for Melanie was voted runner up in
the Viewer's Choice awards at our Quilt Show. Note the similar
colour palette, and the development of Janice's skills.
Adrienne says she had an early 'purple patch' - these are her first
and second quilts. The first is hand pieced.
Denise started well with her first quilt, a hand-pieced single
Irish Chain, and her second quilt, a sampler, is still in daily use.
Maraget's first quilt was made in a techniques
class at Berrima Patchwork.
Roslyn thought a deep scalloped border would be nice for her
very first quilt (hand piecd), with no idea how difficult
it would be to bind.
Sue's first quilt was hand pieced and hand quilted. Even the
borders are hand sewn to the centre. The top was made in 2008,
and it then rested until 2014 when she quilted it with both
hand and machine quilting.
Yvette made her first quilt, a kaleidoscope design, without the
benefit of classes (or anyone to tell it was a complex design to
be starting with), and with a strict fabric budget. She pieced it
by machine, and when she had trouble deciding on the colour
 placement, was helped out by her then 8 year old son, for
whom she made it.
Pat's sampler quilt has worn well, and has recently
had its binding replaced.
Miriam made her second quilt while living in Japan, with two
small children, and only able to attend occasional gatherings of
quilters where she collected the block patterns. She made them
up in traditional narrow-loomed Yukata cotton fabric, usually
used for making kimonos.

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