Saturday, March 10, 2018

Community quilts

The community quilt sewing does not all happen at community sewing days. Every week, someone will hand over a quilt top, or a finished quilt, some of which we know about, some a delightful surprise. Sometimes it's a length of fabric for backing or binding, or a quilt made by others that another member has sewn the binding on - our members are generous, and thoughtful.

Robin W has a considerable stash of beautiful blue fabrics,
and she has generously shared some of it in this lovely
quilt top for our community quilts collection. 
The gorgeous saturated turquoise background fabric is
actually a cross-hatch print with a darker blue overlay.

Margaret K likes to make quilts for children, and she does
so often for our community collection. This one features
a sweet vintage-look print, and was quilted by Julie.

A fun log-cabin variation, made by Margaret K
- such bright, happy colours.

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