Monday, March 19, 2018

March community sewing day (2)

It's always fun to see what everyone unpacks for us to work on at community sewing days, and how we can work together. Alongside the basting of eight quilts, was a little chat, all the sewing, pressing, cutting and fabric finding - here is just a little of it ...

Elaine's third 'In a Whirl' quilt made from the box of strips
she won as a door prize at our Biggest Morning Tea last year
- she might be ready for a break from these blocks, but the
quilts are gorgeous!
Helen's stash has given up some fabric referencing gardening
that will have wide appeal.
Julie mined the community stash for blue fabric - not a difficult
task! She has pieced strings on foundations cut from an old sheet ...

... and is quilting-as-she-goes, to avoid handling a large quilt
for all the quilting.
Sue C made excellent progress on quilting the Plus quilt.
Susan was drawn to three blocks from the 'Andamooka donation'
that we unpacked last month, and made some more from the
community stash, and a couple of pieces that came home with
her from Melbourne ...
... a few more, Susan thinks. It will be a light and pretty quilt.
A simple block design that really allows the fabrics to speak
and play together. We will use this again!.

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