Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Show and tell

With our two yearly quilt show less than two weeks ago, the making and sharing continues, some of it all complete and organised for the quilt display, some going close to the line, some not for the show at all ...

These sweet, simple blocks have just five pieces, cut from
two fabrics each, a good way to use up quite small scraps.
The small squares are 2 1/2", the blocks finish at 8" square. 
Susan took three blue-green and yellow blocks from
a recent donation and made just 33 extras for this
appealing community quilt top.
Jo is working from Chuck Nohara's '2001 Blocks' (ie 2001
block designs, not published in 2001) ...

... but is restricting herself to 121 of them for this quilt. 30+ done.

Yvette has not entered this beautiful pickle dish into our show,
because it is her first attempt at custom quilting on her
long-arm machine, and she says it is not perfect ...
... although we couldn't see the imperfections. It's lovely to
see how much she is enjoying her new skills.
Diana shared her 'old' New York Beauty, from a class with
Chris Jurd, as a preview for those of us doing a post-show
class with Chris next month. We're looking forward
 to making all the points.

Lynette delved into the community stash for all the spots
she could find, found some more at home, and then found
spotty backing and binding. Surprisingly, there
 are plenty of spots left ...
Hilary's parliament of owls - about 3" tall, very cute, they will be
available on the craft tall at our quilt show in ten days' time.

Hilary's waddle of penguins (really - look it up!), also about
3" tall, even cuter, and they too will be 
available on the craft
tall at our quilt show in ten days' time.

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